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Famous Dönerci (Döner Kebab) Dishes

The overview below is by no means a complete list of all döner dishes available. It’s just a sample of some you may want to try out during your stay. You can find these dishes all around the city, whether in a chic or a modest small restaurant.

  • Döner Kebab is served in various ways. The meat used can be lamb, lamb and beef or chicken. In restaurants it mostly comes on a plate with rice or fried potatoes, and salad on the side. Since it has recently become a fast-food dish too, you can also get it as a sandwich in between pide – pita like traditional thick bread.
  • Döner Wrap (Döner Dürüm) is another very delicious serving style of döner meat which is wrapped. – tortilla like thin leaves of bread. The accompanying ingredients like green salad, fried potatoes, pickles or hot tomato sauce are optional. So ask what you can have in the wrap and add or omit according to your taste. Sometimes dürüm is made by using grilled minced meat brochettes mounted on a wide skewer, again wrapped in lava?. There is no better or worse, it is all about preference.
  • Iskender Kebap is the döner meat served on pieces of pide dressed with butter and yogurt on a side of the plate. If preferred, tomato sauce and extra butter can be used for dressing. It is also known as Bursa Kebab?. It’s one of my personal favorites.